Poise® provides discreet help for #LBL

Hope for LBL CC by Hanna Eliasson. Flickr.

      Hope for women with LBL CC by Hanna Eliasson. Flickr.

I like the word “Poise,” which means embodying grace, elegance, balance, control, equilibrium. This describes how we should feel and carry ourselves at all times because if we feel and act this way, we are at peace with ourselves and unafraid of accepting life as it comes. This includes the intimate and very personal challenges women have to deal with such us our periods, perimenopause and menopause among other inconveniences. One of the issues that can come with being a woman and that few publicly admit to is  light bladder leakage also known as LBL, which affects millions of women.

Best choice for LBL

          Best choice for LBL

If you follow my blog, you know that I am all for awareness campaigns, especially those that empower women. This is why I accepted this campaign. At one time or another many of us deal with this issue and I am happy to raise awareness.

This campaign offers great advice for women suffering from light bladder leakage, but also helps women feel they are not alone. If this blog and Poise help you feel better about yourself I will be a happy camper! So, it turns out that many women are using period pads to deal with their light bladder leakage. Well it turns out that there is a way better alternative, which is New Poise® Thin-Shape pads! Go claim your free samples right here! Try them out and then tell me about it!

Poise®  is all about recycling those old period pads you no longer need, so I´m going to give you some fun alternatives for those instead of simply chucking them out!

#RecycleYourPeriodPad uses for your old period pads you no longer need because now you are using New Poise® Thin-Shape Pads to address light bladder leakage:

Shoe freshener:

Shoes need special care. In the old days, we used to stuff shoes with newspapers to help the shoe dry after a day of wear. Instead, you can now use your old period pads for this purpose. They will help the shoe last because they absorb dampness and absorb odors.

#RecycleYourPeriodPad once you start using Poise!

#RecycleYourPeriodPad once you start using Poise!

Floor drying pads:

I usually use rags to dry the floor after I mop. It´s occurred to me that instead of throwing out my old period pads I can stick them to the soles of my slippers and dry the floor with them. No shoe marks!

Natural air freshener:

Yep! Sometimes I put dryer sheets in a closet or drawer for a fresh scent. An alternative now is to spritz a favorite cologne of mine on a pad and use that instead.

Shirt hanger shape protection!

I have plenty of special hangers that will not leave weird shapes on the shoulders of my shirts, tees or jackets, but sometimes I run out and in a pinch I can use my old period pads. You can use them to line the shirt right where it may lose its shape.

What other fun, practical or even crafty uses can you come up with for your old period pads? I can´t wait to hear them!

Would you like to try New Poise® Thin-Shape pads? Claim your Poise®  free sample right here!

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