Mistakes, time and youth.

Courtesy of János Balázs @Flikr

                                               Mistakes, time and youth.         Courtesy of János Balázs @Flikr

When we are young we make mistakes as we keep making them throughout our lives. Yet the difference lies in that when we are young the margin to correct those mistakes and learn from them is wider. It’s a question of the time we have left.

As a teen I did my share of stupid things. It’s a right of passage it seems. It didn’t stop there unfortunately, and I kept messing up. I had time to spare to correct mistakes and get my s#$%t together. I eventually I did and I have “time” to thank for that.

Now, later in life I am more cautious since I have less time to correct mistakes and I cannot afford to waste time relying on “This too shall pass,” or “ Time cures all ails.” I can’t afford thoughtless mistakes that will take long to heal. I have much more to lose now; again “time” is not exactly in my favor.

This doesn’t mean I won’t embark on new adventures, this means I won’t embark on crazy self-defeating activities I know well are doomed to fail. As long as I am aware of what can kill me, I may do fine, make fewer mistakes and play with the “time” hand I have left.

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