The art of doing nothing: taking advantage of down time without feeling guilty.

Finding down time on a park bench.

I never knew how to do nothing. Sitting and staring into nothingness was not my thing. Until I learnt that instead of staring at nothing I could observe, think and appreciate what was around me without having to do anything about it, just take it in and start my own conversation which often leads to solutions I wasn’t even aware I was looking for.

We are mistaken, when we think we are listlessly doing nothing, we are actually taking the time to think, ponder and create. Create our future, solve problems while taking active down time to come up for air, and then be ready to dive back into our lives, refreshed and with probably many more answers.

Taking down time sounds real soothing but at the same time it’s uncomfortable. We often feel guilty because of all the things we have noted down on our “to do lists.” Being able to disconnect from everything and be able to focus on nothing relevant to your life is almost impossible. That’s why people run to yoga, tai chi and the likes. But if you are not fond of meditation, as sitting chanting, trying to unsuccessfully clear your mind, you can always sit in a garden or sidewalk café and just watch life happen to other people. Or ride your bike on a trail and just concentrate on nature and what’s going on out there.

Creativity springs from down time. When you allow yourself to get away from your immediate life and forget yourself, you begin to see life with wonder by simply observing. Those things you may observe in a park while sitting on that lonely bench will quiet your mind if you are aware of what you are see

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