Why we must celebrate birthdays and other events.

CC BY Rachel Sarai @Flicker

                                                          Celebrate life! CC BY Rachel Sarai @Flicker

As my dad’s birthday is fast approaching, and after our conversation the other day of his giving up on celebrating his this year, I feel compelled to explain why he is not as far as I am in his reasoning, but I too must disagree at the same time because there is a point to it.

Birthdays should be celebrated as many other celebrations because the whole point is not the birthday itself but the celebration of the ones we love and acknowledging how much we care, whether it’s a birthday or any other celebration or anniversary. People show their appreciation by wishing you the best to come. Christmas, Hanukkah or whatever else there is to fix on the calendar as an important date to celebrate, follows the same argument: a time to get together to celebrate life and the people we love and share with.

No matter what age we are, there’s always a certain urgency to live and accomplish things on our “to do list.” Time is always pressing and often it seems more of an enemy than our ally: so little time and so many dreams. It’s not about the time; it’s about how we savor your days; every single moment counts. We all have a due date and we don’t know when that will be. We cannot allow a number, i.e: age, to dictate our mood, outr plans and potential. So let’s celebrate and be happy that others remember us on our special day.

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