Finding new drives to keep your body and mind healthy.


CC by Liam Wilde Flickr

Finding new drives to keep your body and mind healthy. CC by Liam Wilde Flickr



I got sick after a wonderful trip to my home country. It’s become, as one of my friends says, a routine. I travel, I get sick upon my return. There might be a mind-body connection. It’s no wonder, since this always happens after I spend a month with my dear friends and family and I come back to a sudden quiet life. I find it hard to get my life back on track after my trips. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t complain, since I return to a peaceful place, a new home in an area of many possibilities and excitement. Yet, this time round I didn’t let my illness stop me from getting into a new exciting endeavor, which has miraculously made me feel better.

I was lucky to have been brought up by a dad who can’t sit on a chair too long locked up indoors, so he passed onto me the same “ants in the pants” restlessness. I need to be on the move and outdoors. A day spent lying down seems like a waste. True we need down time, but my downtime can also be spent on the go. So, it came to me that I should buy a road bike to enjoy the trails I’m surrounded by. I was sure, this time, that I would really make use of the bike. Not like the last one that sat sadly wasting away in the garage.

 Maybe the drive came from the high fever, but in any case, I went ahead and followed through, bought the bike and spent the last two days riding for hours on trails and roads. I’m so excited at the newfound freedom and the high that comes from, not only the exercise, but also the beautiful countryside views. What’s even more refreshing is seeing the roads and trails full of people who are also enjoying riding, running or simply strolling outdoors.


Finding a new drive can help you get through the shock of returning from a vacation or simply make your life more exciting and meaningful. Try it!

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