While you were sleeping…

CC Timothy Krause

While you were seeping CC  by Timothy Krause


The world constantly changes while we are sleeping. This used to be the preamble of many an e-mail sent to an overseas friend. ‘While you were sleeping” I was busy going about my day… And then I would retell, as in a diary, what had gone on in my life during those hours my friend was asleep in another continent.

It was fun to be able to write as you would a diary, not expecting any answer really. It was just a way to let off steam and simply communicate with an almost stranger, who is much less involved and with a much more neutral perspective. Under these circumstances, the input was more valuable.

Those letters entitled “while you were sleeping” grew less enthusiastic in time because that is what habit does, boredom settles in, and life beckons you to focus on living rather than retelling your life to an almost stranger.

It was fun and refreshing at the beginning, but we eventually moved on, and while many things happened while we were sleeping, the intimacy and urgency to communicate died slowly.

While you were sleeping… I forgot you….

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