Avoid looking back when you’ve chosen a new road.

Moving forward often means leaving things behind. This is not an easy thing to do. The familiar seems to have a pull on us, and it’s hard to move on without looking back and feeling a sort of loss. But, we have to move on, always looking ahead in those moments of change. This is when it’s most crucial to not look back and hold on tight while pursuing our new ventures.

The pull of wanting to revert to the familiar when treading unfamiliar grounds is normal. We never know what lies ahead and a million doubts crowd our thoughts. What if I fail? What if I made a mistake? But, once you are on a new road, tread on until the unfamiliar becomes just as familiar as what you left behind.

All this can be applied not only to our jobs but also to our relationships. We remain stuck out of fear of the unfamiliar, not taking into account, that maybe, the familiar was a dead-end. Yet, the pull again is so strong to look back, that we become selective as to what we remember and think: it wasn’t so bad.

Newness is a breath of fresh air. A new beginning can be so liberating too. However, fears haunt us because the unfamiliar is full of new challenges and situations we have to learn to master in order to make them work. There is no roadmap to follow; we are on our own to figure out our new lives.

Move forward we must, even if for a time we must forget the land left behind in order to overcome our insecurities and self-doubt.

It will come to us if we place our full attention and willingness to succeed and keep on going.

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