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Moms; the real American heroes.

Heroes are American moms who go to battle daily, tirelessly. Some might only be iconic figures who come in all races, ages and traditions but who remain, in fact, American mothers who deserve to be called heroes.

We can rightly say that Rosie the Riveter, the “We can do it!” iconic figure of the United States, is the mom who pulled America through during World War II. Westinghouse Company’s War Production Coordinating Committee created the famous poster for the war effort to recruit women workers, boost their morale and keep production in America alive, while men were in the military. Rosie kept women working hard in factories as well as at home. Someone had to take care of the children too! Four decades later, she became the symbol of women’s empowerment and Feminist movement.

War moms

And from this iconic mom figure in World War II, we have the military moms, who are in their own right, heroes, especially in the last few years. These women have stood by their children’s decision to go to war to defend their country. But of course they would. That’s what a mom does. Whether she agrees with her child’s choice or not, she will be there for them and fight with and for them, even if this meansloss and the grief of knowing their child could be killed any minute. They wear their grief, uncertainty and bumper stickers “Support our troops,” as a badge


Eliana Tardia with her two children.

Eliana Tardia with her two children.

Eliana Tardio

Mother of two children with Down syndrome who has made her life’s purpose to bring awareness, hope and help to not only parents and relatives of children with down syndrome, but the world. She has written two books on the subject and has her own website, elianatardio.com “Growing up with different abilities.” This woman is tireless, and a true “hero,” not because of the difficulties she faces raising her two children, but because she keeps giving and fighting, standing up for children with special needs. Like every other mom, she accepts the daily challenge with good spirits and is grateful for her loving children and life’s purpose.

These are just mere examples of the impact American moms have brought and still bring to the American people. American moms have taken more roles than ever before. Mothers’ long list of responsibilitiesincludes education. That fragile and difficult task that isn’t getting easier: What with the recession and lack of school funding, moms have to volunteer at school too.

The list of American mom heroes goes on and we have to thank them. We all have a Mom, consider that, think about yours and you will realize what love and forgiveness is all about. To the question: What is love and sacrifice? The answer will always be: A Mom.

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