Men are also victims of emotional and physical violence.

by april-mo

Male domestic violence by april-mo

As unlikely as it may sound, men are also frequent victims of emotional and physical violence—at the hands of women. We see men as stronger and more likely to lash out and be violent. However, they are also less likely to report or even acknowledge they are being battered because they fear others will see them as weak or effeminate, or because they don’t want to get their partner in trouble.

We rarely hear stories of men being abused by their female partners. While it is true that women far outnumber men as victims of domestic violence, the numbers of men suffering abuse are not exactly low. A 2011 study from Clark University in Massachusetts suggests that roughly 40% of victims of physical or emotional domestic violence are male, and adds that police often ignore the domestic violence claims of men.

We’re accustomed to seeing women slap men, in films, on TV and even in public. Are we so used to these roles that we find them acceptable and even humorous? If a woman kicks a man between the legs, women cheer and other men laugh sympathetically. Boy, he must have done something to deserve that! Is this what we want our children to learn—that it’s okay to beat and belittle men and that women are always the victims? Shouldn’t we be teaching our kids instead that no type of physical abuse is acceptable?

As an example of just how inured we are to the concept of women abusing men, a segment filmed for ABC News shows a woman violently beating and insulting her partner in public. Out of 163 people who witnessed the abuse, only one woman walked over to help the man, and finally called 911.

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