Thank God I didn’t get what I wanted!

What we want may not be what we need

What we want may not be what we need by deeplifequote

We want what we want when we want it and if we don’t get it we grieve, hurt, feel deep disappointment and in extreme cases, we may even fall pray to deep sadness or depression.

Wanting something doesn’t mean it’s good for us, often, quite the contrary. When we long for something we loose our judgment and can only focus on rewarding our desire. The hunger will persist until we manage to distance ourselves enough to figure out whether what we want is really what we need in our lives.

We all know how it goes… ‘Be careful for what you pray for because you might just get it.” It takes a while to figure ourselves out and understand what we are able to handle and what is best. Until we don’t have that clarity of mind, it’s better to sit on our hands and wait until we have safely spent some time thinking hard. What is right for our lives? Is this good for us? Is it just an emotional need? Is it a wim?

I was blessed when I didn’t get those things I thought I really needed. Stubbornly just focusing on the want and not on the practicality of it. Thank God I never got most things I thought I really couldn’t live without! As I look back, it had disaster written all over it, but only time, distance, and a better knowledge of the situation and myself could allow me to see that. I’m extremely grateful I dodged the bullets!

Stay safe.

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