Fear and choices.

by Kevin B 3

The fear or making wrong choices by Kevin B 3

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Do we choose our destiny, or does life just happen to us? I always wonder what road I should take and in doing so, I often remain on the same path, for fear of making a mistake. So, is this the life I choose or the life I accept?

When we feel we have no control over our lives, we cease to believe we have choices. We accept that life is random, so we simply sit by and wait for the next thing to happen. But this is not a good way to live, because we don’t make positive changes in our lives. We only react to life, without creating our own destiny. We’re victims of our own failure to act, and then we blame it on bad luck, or our “lot in life.”

But we do have choices, whether we believe it or not. Just doing nothing is a choice! It’s a choice not to get involved, a choice to have others make the moves that affect us. Life pushes us as if we were adrift at sea, but only because we choose to let it do so.

Choices and change are scary

Having choices involves decision-making and this can be uncomfortable. Making a decision means bringing about some change, which can result, once more, in another uncomfortable situation. In addition, making choices is mentally taxing. If you spend too long debating which road to take you become exhausted, paralyzed even. You have to take action and follow through, even if you risk making the wrong choice.

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