A time to be brave.

by Bird Brian

A time to be brave by Bird Brian

Sometimes we are too afraid to take that leap, to make that decision we well know will change the course of our lives. We can keep postponing and waiting for the right time, but all too often, time just drags on and we eventually do nothing and end up in the same place for years, if not forever. The worst is that we end up regretting that leap we didn’t take.

There is no right time, the right time to brave it might just be now, and when given enough thought to imagine the leap, it makes it all more possible and less scary.

Close your eyes, don’t allow fear to paralyze you and be brave. You can even fake it until you feel comfortable enough to walk into the unknown.

Being brave is not absence of fear as they say. Of course, we are afraid because new territory is like walking blind, hoping we won’t hit anything on the way. But we will be faced with the inevitable obstacles, and we will overcome them too, as we have always done to this day. Being alive is running into constant roadblocks.

Nothing comes easy, but once we become brave by not allowing toxic thinking to undermine our objectives, we can do whatever we want. And we will be OK.

This is the time to be brave, if not now? When?

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