Siblings that help us along…


We have come a long way since this old picture. My sister, my caretaker, my mom, my daughter. We play so many roles in each others lives.

We play a game of ping-pong, as I like to call it. When one of us is down, the other pulls the other up. We do quarrel, and when we do, it is very painful. Luckily we always come out stronger.

We are very different. She is outgoing and I’m shy. She is bright and I am kind of slow. She is loving and I’m cold. She is enthusiastic and I am a bit more cautious.  We are a balancing act. Without one, the other I suspect, would cease to exist.

I am very selfish because I don’t want to imagine a world without her. As Winnie the Po says; “If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” 

And this is my older sister, not by much, but she has always led the way and I have followed. We get each other and that is something rare among siblings.  I’m blessed with a very unique yet loving family. (I have two other amazing siblings!)

And hope is what keeps us going to meet and face our own personal battles every day. Sharing different paths but the same world. Cheering the other on when our individual strength falters.


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