Simple Little Pleasures at 54

I’m in that stage of life where one could say the train has left the station. It might be true for some things, but for others, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the simple little pleasures. Now,  more than ever I can take advantage of truly simple things especially because I’m alone, over 50, and free from caring what people think.

My little pleasures are actually very heartfelt, and fill me with extreme joy. To others who’ve tread a shorter path, they may seem utterly meaningless. But for me with age, appreciation of small gestures, mean the world to me. Things that when I was younger I overlooked, now they fill me with awe.

My simple little pleasures:

  • A setting sun
  • A quiet evening chilling at home
  • Dinner out with a friend
  • A random text saying I’m missed
  • A visit from a friend or family member
  • Time alone in a coffee shop
  • A long quiet walk in the woods
  • A workout
  • A visit to the local bookstore
  • Writing or receiving a heartfelt e-mail
  • A hug
  • Meeting new wonderful human beings
  • Discovering places, or rediscovering and seeing places with a new lense
  • Experiencing moments, emotions I used to ignore
  • A good conversation over coffee
  • Getting up before dawn
  • Acknowledging that I’m not perfect and don’t have to be
  • Laughing at my new infirmities and accepting them as normal
  • Accepting that I have more past than future. Allowing me to cherish moments more
  • Trying new things
  • Anger is not something I experience for too long. I let it go and accept that the world owes me nothing and we are all human
  • A can walk away from drama all the time.
  • Knowing that nothing is forever, and understand the depth of the statement
  • Wear what I want without thinking whether anyone else will like it
  • Looking forward to a weekend of doing nothing
  • Never feeling I’m missing out
  • Walking barefoot on the beach
  • And so many more…

And yours?

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