What we all pursue

On Life, Hope y todo lo demás...

We believe that what we all pursue is happiness. But happiness is a modern invention someone thought up and made a business of it. There are thousands of books trying to sell us how to attain happiness but none deliver. They can’t. What we really pursue unknowingly is validation, but most importantly love. Unconditional love.

The pursuit of love is attainable but it’s a lucky draw of the dice. That is if we are talking about romantic love. But there are all kinds of love that can sustain us and validate us. Without love we perish, wither and die an early death due to the sadness and disconnect we experience from lack of it.

Love gives us a purpose. It fills our lives with warmth and care, and it can come in many forms: family, friends and our loving pets. The latter, pets are known to help people with emotional…

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