Life, hope, and everything beautiful

On Life, Hope y todo lo demás...

When I thought about the title of this blog, hope was the first word that came to mind. But it had to be about more; about life, and everything beautiful, which also includes sadness, pain, and loss. Because there is beauty in everything if we are willing to see through it all. I’m not as naive as to think that hope is with us all the time. Just like happiness, hope is fleeting, intermittent and random.

Hope keeps us focused and lifts us when we find ourselves in a dark place. It’s that little light that guides us out of the pit. People’s actions also bring us hope when someone has slammed us down, disappointing us deeply. When, out of the blue, someone shares some kindness we didn’t expect, besides the goosebumps and gratitude we feel, immense hope arises and this is the beauty of life.

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