How did you get through it?

I had no choice. And this will probably be everyone’s life story at some point. We just somehow make it through because we have no other choice. We always manage to see the light as long as we fight our battles and see them through. No, it’s not easy. But who said life was easy?

Sometimes we do have a choice, a cowardly choice to walk away of situations and opportunities that scare us, but then, as my dad said, we have to live with the guilt of not having seen them though or tried. The good that comes from uncomfortable situations is that our brains go into overdrive and we can actually face more than we think we can. We find out how much “fight” we have in us and choose to face our worst circumstances and fears head-on.

Sometimes I get through things not for myself, but for others, and this helps relieve some of the fear. If I can’t do it for me, I’ll do it for my friends or family, who are always backing me all the way.

The next time you ask someone how they got through something keep in mind that they had no choice but see it through. We all can and will at some point.

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