When the dust settles

After two years of having lived out of suitcases and boxes, entering and leaving people’s lives, with no possible routine, which was the hardest to handle, now, at long last, the dust has settled. I have a life, my own life, my routine and somewhat predictable near future. Although life is always throwing us curve balls, for now, I feel grounded and able to enjoy some peace.

The dust settling means that I’ve adjusted to my new life and I’m able to enjoy a simple existence where I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, and maybe next week, without the anxiety of an unpredictable life. I’m lucky to have reached this point and I’m grateful every morning that my life has a purpose.

I’m filled with joy for having a routine again. I get up early, read the paper, have breakfast, drive to school and spend my day with amazing kids and colleagues. Once done, I head to the gym, then back home, back to the paper, have dinner and maybe watch a series. This simplicity calms me and keeps me grounded. My social life is not thriving as of yet since my whole focus has been becoming centered first.  I haven’t dared to try to find a partner since my present routine leaves little room for anything else. Although that may come in time, for now, my focus is to enjoy my new found life. I do admire people who can tackle everything at the same time: work, alone time, hobbies and relationships. I’m too spent at the end of the day or week to find room to introduce someone special into my life. Who knows? I may never be able to fit that in. It takes time, emotional space that I may never have room for.

All I know is that after the storms and uncertainty I’ve weathered, the dust has settled and I’m at peace. May you find yours.

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