T-shirts and life

I LOVE T-shirts. I must own over 100 of them and don’t seem to be able to have enough of them. The feeling they give me is as if the fabric were an extension of my skin. Do I really wear every single one of my 100 T-shirts? No, of course not.

Some, I’ve worn just a couple of times having realized they didn´t feel so comfortable after all. Others, my favorites, I wear over and over until they have holes in them. Those are the ones that define me and I cherish the most.

Today I was thinking how my special bond with T-shirts is similar to that of life and relationships. Not everything or everyone in life will make me feel good, but I do have a choice of what circumstances and people feel right.

I strive for my relationships and life choices to help me feel free, comfortable, happy, and myself, just like a well-worn favorite T-shirt.

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