Life, an unrehearsed play

Life is an unrehearsed play where we only get one chance to get it right or at least do our best. We come unprepared with no prior script because other people’s old scripts are seldom of any use to us, especially in youth when we think we actually know it all and have yet to learn to listen and understand the value of experience.

We forge on in life blindly and make our way through the forest often tripping and falling, getting pricked by thorns and bleeding. If we are lucky enough we heal and keep going. We learn the art of endurance because we cannot retrace our steps and start over. We do pick up some tricks along the way so we don’t get hurt again so badly. Our skins thicken throughout the play because of the scars that now coat our bodies.

I can only tell you that during the play there is also joy to be found, intermittent moments that actually make the whole unrehearsed play worth it.

Go ahead and wing it like we all do!

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