I should feel sad and not guilty

I often find myself feeling guilty, but as my friend pointed out, I should say that it is sad I feel and not guilty because feeling guilty implies that I’m doing something wrong. As I thought through the situations I feel guilty about, which are many, I hardly have wronged anyone.

I’ve tried to change the word “guilty” for sad about things that matter to me and keep me up at night. I may not be responsible for them, but I do try to be there and help as much as I can.

I feel sad:

  • I cannot make my family happy or take away their problems.
  • I cannot go through of my nephews’ and nieces’ growing pains.
  • I could,t be there when my Dear Drew passed.
  • I cannot be there for all my friends all the time.
  • I cannot erase the tears of those I love.
  • I cannot give everyone what they need and want.

By replacing the word guilty with sad, a weight has been lifted. I feel a bit less anxious. Besides, feeling sad is a part of life and easier to live with.


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