Kindness is catching

My godson recently, while tying his shoe laces, paused, looked up and asked me: “Laura, why are you so kind?” I was surprised and caught off guard. All  I could answer was that I didn’t feel I was kind but doing what comes naturally to me. I don’t register kindness as something I do. I just treat the people I care for with love and compassion. I don’t try, it happens. But, I guess there is a reason it comes out that way.

I believe kindness is an inherited trait and something you learn from people who share kindnesses with you. I’ve been granted the privilege of being surrounded by extremely kind and compassionate people, so I guess it’s catching.

What I do know is that all the kind people I know, are tolerant, compassionate and happier. So, perhaps my favorite word this year will be KINDNESS. Make it yours too!

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