Drum roll for 2017!

Luckily, we measure time in years, sometimes seconds when things go really badly, which allows us to believe that we can leave a year behind and start a new one, hoping it will be better. This year for many, it’s a loud and clear drum roll we hear, as we eagerly wait to leave the 2016 chapter behind us.

With a mixture of hope, expectations, and fear, we will enter this new year as we often do. Maybe this year is different, as here in the US we are about to experience a very scary and dangerous new president who will hold our lives in his fist, not to our best interests, at least not mine since I don’t belong to the elite.

The show must go on, let us rise to the occasion with a drum roll, and hope that at least our unique individual lives remain unscathed.

May the drum roll begin for 2017! We are ready for it!

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