How NESCAFÉ Clásico helped me make things happen and now you can too!

In my lowest moments, during all my house moves, NESCAFÉ Clásico has been with me. Every new home has been warmed with a good NESCAFÉ Coffee.

The last couple of years my life has taken off! At 51 I have finally reached that time when if I don’t make it happen, nothing will. We have to try with all the support possible. I have had it all along and I’m grateful.



The first coffee in this new home after my divorce was NESCAFÉ Clásico. During my travels to visit friends and family,  the little NESCAFÉ sachets have pulled me through long flights and days. So, I agree with NESCAFÉ Clasico’s message: Make moments happen, take responsibility and enjoy every minute of it!



Now, you too, as I did after my divorce, can make things happen! In this case and thanks to the partnership with Ricky Martin and NESCAFÉ you can make the Ricky Martin Private Concert happen!

The reason for this concert is to show that with NESCAFÉ Clásico you can make great things happen by taking chances!

Small decisions may lead you to amazing unexpected experiences. NESCAFÉ Clásico wants to reward everyone who comes together for a common goal, takes action and makes life happen by making THIS Ricky Martin concert possible.

This could be your unforgettable moment for having taken a chance and making the concert a reality by entering the sweepstakes, creating a fabulous #momentoNESCAFÉ, especially if you are a Ricky Martin fan.

The promotion works in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Find the NESCAFÉ Clásico jar code.*

Step 2: Enter the barcode on our website.

Step 3: Finish the registration process and you’ll be joining forces with thousands of fans to make this concert a reality.

Once we reach our goal, all who registered will immediately get an access code to the live streaming concert on the day of the event. On top of that, all who participated get a chance to go to the concert in person with a guest!

The more you participate, the more chances you have to win!

*The entry code is a ten-digit number located on the back or bottom of your NESCAFÉ Clásico jar.

Participating NESCAFÉ Clásico  products:

NESCAFÉ Clásico (7oz, 10.5 oz)

NESCAFÉ Clásico Decaf (7oz)

GIVEAWAY details:

This program is a sweepstake. It runs from September 6th through November 14th. If the fans make the concert happen it will occur in 2017. Participants can enter once per day. If the concert happens all those who registered will receive a link via email to live stream the concert. 50 lucky winners will receive a pair of tickets each and travel expenses if necessary. The agency will coordinate with the winners.

“Life is made of moments, and the best moments are those we risk something and take chances.”


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