The miracle of fragrance: Narciso Rodriguez created it For Her.

Scents are like poetry and tell their own, sometimes, subtle stories. Often they invoke people and places that bring you joy because they capture the essence of happy times. Others, scents can bring you sadness, taking you back to places you rather not go back to.

Scents are so powerful that they can change your mood, tell the world who you are, and have the ability to affect people’s perception of you, almost as much as the clothes you wear.

Narciso Rodrigez has captured the perfect balance of poetry, ascetic and elegance, not only in its scents but by the bottle he so carefully designs: sophisticated, clean-cut and elegant.

The scents, which are not at all overpowering, are very soft and often sweet. Leaving a trail of clean, enveloping glamorous yet, subtle notes of musk.

I haven’t decided  on my favorite yet because it also has to do with my mood. There is one for the day, evening and night. But that’s me. I’ll let you decide and encourage you to try all of them and choose for yourself. I know you will fall in love with one for sure.

Let me know which you fell for!

musc for her  SRP: $125
Pure and simple. The designer’s inspiration for his first fragrance, the original Egyptian musc oil, lies at the heart of musc for her. The body is gently enveloped in thefragrance with a soft sensuality that dissolves into the skin.
Disarming, intoxicating and enduring for her eau de toilette embodies a delicate sensuality that’s powerful. The refined heart of musk is enhanced by a synthesis of delicate floral
osmanthus notes and soft amber notes with hints of wood in pastel tones.
Its  mystery and intrigue disarm the senses. for her Eau de parfum lends a deeper sensuality that’s addictive. Musk remains the heart of the scent within a rare weave of pink floral with hints of rose and peach pulp, and soft amber and wood in pastel tones.
An extreme sensuality is titillating. for her Eau de parfum intense is heightened by musk’s purity with a luminous chorus of delicate floral notes provided by luminous white flowersylang-ylang, jasmine and orange tree flowersand select amber accords.
for her l’eau SRP: $106
Pure radiance with a languid ease for her l’eau is redolent of pure air and incandescent light.  A sultry musk is highlighted with a delicate blend of top floral notes—sweet poet’s jasmine, cyclamen, pink peony with its hint of rose and crisp lily of the valley—that’s sparkling and spontaneous.
for her 10th anniversary limited edition, is an homage to classic perfumery. A new edition of musc for her, in refined packaging, celebrates ten years of olfactory grace with elegance.
In honor of the ten year anniversary, Narciso Rodriguez parfums releases his iconic fragrance again: musc for her. In this limited edition, the new design retains the signature colors of the collection, black and pink, in a re-interpretation with well-considered details and a couture sensibility that is redolent of the classicism of Haute Parfumerie. musc for her was the first pure interpretation of Narciso Rodriguez’s initial inspiration, the rare Egyptian musc that led to the creation of for her. musc for her:  a sensuality that is sublime with a subtle intensity that lingers.
A new moment of grace. Narciso Rodriguez’ newest fragrance, NARCISO, captures a femininity that fascinates and reveals the seductive power of women. With NARCISO, women will make men turn their heads.
The designer’s signature, a heart of musk, is surrounded by elegant woody notes of vetiver and cedar paired with ultra-feminine accords of Bulgarian rose and gardenia to create a seductive fragrance that lingers and endures. A beautiful woody-musk floral creating an addictive attraction.
Full disclosure: Neither the author nor On Life and Hope y todo lo demás received compensation from the brands mentioned in the article. The author received samples and her opinions are hers only. 

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