Together #weallgrow

I had this trip planned to #weallgrow summit which was taking place in LA and in the last minute I wanted to stay behind, miss the flight and find some excuse to stay home and hide. The few days before where an emotional rollercoaster, having signed my first set of divorce papers and finding myself in real financial trouble, so I couldn’t imagine myself facing the world and being a wet blanket to others. But, I did get on that plane, and I was not a wet blanket after all.

Of all places, this is where I had to be. This summit empowers women. It’s a storytelling event where on the last day, a few keynote speakers tell their often gut-wrenching stories of how they overcame obstacles. There is more to the event, such as networking amongst bloggers, brands, and a lot of mingling with women whom I had already met online but not in person.

I’m glad I didn’t miss it. From wanting to hide, I went to feeling loved, empowered, not alone and happy. I felt part of the hundreds of women who had all kinds of backgrounds and stories. Brands are also people, and they made this event possible pampering us in every way; Dove, Neutrogena, Aveeno, Mazda, Hampton by Hilton, Transition lenses, OPI and many more.

We were in a beautiful setting at Hotel Maya where I shared a room with 3 other special women I really care for and this was also very uplifting.

I took away many things from #weallgrow, of which, one is that alone we are nothing. Making special connections with other people, brands and listening to heartfelt stories made me forget my own troubles and get moving. Sometimes we need a kick in the butt to wake up and start kicking ass. I was inspired to do more, to get out of my rut and do what all these women have done, become trailblazers because they wanted to and because they had to in order to survive and achieve their goals.

Just like Obama’s campaign motto:” together we can,” in this case; “together we can all grow.”

Empowering storytelling  keynote speakers from We All Grow Summit:


Thank you girls! You all rock!



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