Inspiring and stylish boutique hotel in Bilbao: Hotel Miró.

Located in the city center overlooking the Guggenheim, this boutique hotel rocks in every way. Location, location, location! And this one is right there, a frontrunner!

I love small hotels which are modern, clean and where every detail counts. There is this harmony achieved by Hotel Miró through its artsy style that makes you feel at ease instantly, and where everything flows from the moment you get there until you leave.

Thanks to Basque Experiences, who are in the know of the best places to stay, eat and have a good time, I was invited to stay at Hotel Miró last July. I felt so welcome and calm. The hotel seemed to emanate a unique joyful warmth from the moment I stepped inside. I couldn’t really focus much when checking in because my eyes kept wondering around. Everything caught my eye: the artwork, the lobby with leather chairs, art books on the tables and the library I saw hiding to one side. A saw it as a perfect place for writers, artists or people who want to feel inspired and enjoy a peaceful stay.

The rooms were perfectly clean, stylish, beautiful and functional. It felt like a happy place and it was so for the whole length of my stay. The views were amazing too, right in front of the Guggenheim.

Breakfast was peaceful, and as expected in the Basque Country, a delicious culinary experience.

I feel that when you travel, the place you decide to stay at sets the pace of your whole experience. I highly recommend Hotel Miró, which made my stay in Bilbao memorable and happy! I’ll be back!

Full disclosure: Neither the author nor On Life and Hope y todo lo demás received compensation from the brands mentioned in the article.  Her opinions are hers only.


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