Bilingual TV to enjoy your favorite TV shows in Spanish & English

When I lived in Spain I could only watch movies in Spanish. Then I moved back to the States and I was stuck with TV in English only. I always wished I had a choice to watch TV in whatever language I chose. As a bilingual and a holder of both Spanish and American nationalities, when I am away from one country, watching TV in the other language makes me feel closer to home. I wish I’d had that privilege years ago. This was long ago, and now it is finally possible to watch TV in English or Spanish with XFINITY X1.

Bilingual TV has other benefits too. As a Spanish teacher, I’ve always wished my students could watch TV or movies in Spanish to practice the language. That was always very complicated for them. Either the videos I wanted them to watch were not available to them, or the streaming from the country of origin was slow.

I live in San Francisco, a multicultural city that has a large Latino community and Spanish is widely spoken. Bilingual viewers want and need to access information on TV in both languages.

Other advantages of bilingual TV:

  • Total immersion TV experience in both languages.
  • Each language has its own personality and feeling, you can choose which you want.
  • As I mentioned before it’s a great tool for language acquisition.
  • Kids benefit the most by being able to switch from one language to another at a time when it’s most important to be exposed to bilingualism.

What I love about XFINITY X1

  • You can switch between English and Spanish as you usually do but from your favorite device.
  • The TV guide, voice remote and even customer service can be managed in both languages.
  • You can watch on any of the devices you carry with you, phone, computer, etc…

After watching the video bellow, please share what language you use to express yourself in different situations. I personally, for example, express deeper feelings much better in English, but when I’m happy, Spanish comes out spontaneously.

What moves you to speak in one language or another?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Comcast. The opinions and text are all mine.

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