How to find love

Love is not really hidden anywhere. Love is everywhere and you can feel it anytime you want. You just have to tune in and refocus your expectations and redefine what love means, which isn’t only romantic love.We cannot survive without love of any kind. To find and feel love, we only have to show up in life and see that it’s right there for us. There are many ways we can find and feel love, yet we often don’t give them a second thought. If we are mindful and present we can find and feel the love we need in order to survive.

Where is it?

  • in that text, you receive with a heart emoticon. Yes, it counts!
  • in that kind gesture when a friend offers to pick you up at the airport.
  • in that shared moment when a friend confides in you his darkest secret.
  • in that kind work review.
  • in that pat on the back.
  • in that shared pain with another.
  • when your friends and family root for you.
  • in that handwritten letter, you receive out of the blue.
  • in that hug that lasts longer than a “Hello.”
  • when your family or friends reach out when you are in pain.
  • in those flowers, your friends deliver to you, just because.
  • in that hike in the woods.
  • in that pup running to you when you get home.
  • in a peaceful spring evening in a garden.
  • in that sunset on a summer afternoon.
  • You name it…

Love is not only found in the eyes of another, but in things, moments, and people who care about you, just not in a romantic way, but it’s still love that fills your heart with joy. Go out and enjoy it and add to the list!


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