The older, the more interesting people become.

The older we get, the more experiences we have to share. We are exciting books waiting to be read. Our chapters are longer, more intricate and interesting.  And as we share these stories with others, we are not only enriched by them but bond with others like never before because we may share similar experiences and if we don’t, the different stories we hear allow us to experience second-hand new worlds and lives of those around us.

This sharing of personal stories of late has left me in awe. Stories of tragedies that have molded people, turning them into heroes. “They survived all that?” I could have never imagined some of my friends having gone through such adversity. They seem so strong and pulled together. This comes to show that we are never alone in the face of tragedy. We all have survived some sort of hell and we are still standing.

People have managed to turn their lives around and made it through with grit. They never allowed misfortune to rule their lives or stop them from dreaming and pursuing a better life, overcoming what an outsider would think was impossible.

Sharing stories, listening and treasuring the gift of people opening up and telling you their “truth” is priceless.

There is more to a book that it’s cover. Open it and see for yourself. Such is the case with people.


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