Trying to swim when everyone is drowning.

I don’t seem to be alone when it comes to hardship. Of late, I talk to people, watch the news and everyone seems to be drowning in their own personal sea of troubles. I’d like to say that it helps to know that I’m not alone but sometimes it’s hard not to drown and go down like all the rest.

Comparing ourselves to others may make us humble and help us feel more fortunate, but at times so much tragedy and sorrow pulls you down even deeper. It’s hard not to lose heart and keep swimming. Giving up seems to glitter in the horizon, making it look even more attractive than floating.

Yet, I won’t give up. I know there are days in which hope shines through my soul and others, in which the gloom and doom wrap their thick veil around me, making it hard to see the light.

I’ll try to keep swimming in the midst of chaos and be grateful for all I have. I hope you choose to keep swimming too.


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