Treat your partner as you would a friend.

I’ve realized that often, after having spent a while with a partner, people tend to take them for granted and call them on things that they would never point out to a friend. Of course, we don’t live with friends, but still, treating a partner with the respect, you would show a friend may be a good antidote for a long-lasting, loving and civil relationship.

It’s taken me a while to figure out what seems to go wrong in relationships. After a while, our lens changes, especially after the first few months or year where we are still on the pink cloud. After that, our focus becomes narrower and we start to become irritated by the differences, sometimes only making a point of focusing on those things that are not so perfect in the other.

We are all made-up of imperfections and choose our battles. Every one of us has quirks, especially as we age, becoming more difficult to change. But, why should we? Unless they are harmful to the other? We cannot change and shouldn’t and maybe just learn to adapt and accept the whole package. If the certain quirks become unbearable and we believe we can’t live with them, we should skip boat, but not before realizing that nobody is perfect and a partnership is a bargaining affair, and a commitment to make the relationship work in both our favors.

Relationships are not a battle to be won or lost. Both partners should be looking in the same direction, treating each other as they would a friend and maybe, with this new perspective in mind, the relationship will only become stronger.

Over time, we are all an “acquired taste” after the initial “crazy love phase” is over. So, take care of your partner, treat him/her as respectfully as you would your best friend and I’m pretty sure the road ahead will be paved with even more love and affection, becoming a team that is together because just like friends, we choose every day to stay.



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