Our last voyage.

In the depth of my soul I fear I’m not yet cured of the malady of “life.” We all have to battle some malady, mine is my own, tailored to fit. Just when I think the dust has settled, here comes another wind of change, unsettling the comfort of normalcy.

Our maladies will live with us, often forever. The unsettling winds will come without prior notice, taking us by surprise and we will try to keep going, rebuilding and heading towards the same future. In the end, no matter the seas we sail, we will hit a rock and sink.

So, there is little to be done but saddle up, straighten our sails and move forward with all our bags until we finally decide to let them go, one at a time, since the last voyage is to be done alone, just as we come to this life, the lighter we leave, the easier the last voyage.

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