Running for sanity.

Running has always been good for me. It’s kept me sane, helped me clear my mind and kept me fit. Yet, I stopped doing that which was best for me. I used to run every day, 6-10 kilometers. Not much for some,  but a lot if you consider my age and the horrible fact that I am a smoker. I ran in the morning when the sun wasn’t even out and I came back renewed, ready for the day and clearheaded. However, when I decided to change my job after 17 years, and pursued teaching at a school, running at 4 am was not an option for me, and after school either because, by the time I got home at 7 or 11 pm, I was dead tired. I have to admit, the two years I didn’t run were hard on my brain and emotional health.

Today, I ran. I made a commitment to return to sanity and be good to myself. I go to a gym, but there is nothing like running outdoors. My ex told me a few years ago “You know you won’t be able to run forever, right?” To which I answered; “Sure, but I will run till I can no longer do it, and thanks for the pep talk!”

I miss the peace running brought me and I want it back!

One thought on “Running for sanity.

  1. Juni Desireé

    Love how different things can keep us sane. For me it’s definitely writing, reading and creating. I’m so glad I made reading a priority again. Definitely feel much calmer/better when I read more.

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