Clean up your act: What to toss and what to keep in 2019.

We carry bags full of garbage along with our baggage and luggage. Garbage: What to toss. Baggage: Unwanted emotional crap that weighs us down, and luggage, were we keep our most valued possessions we should keep carrying around and in time probably recycle after having the contents turn into garbage or unnecessary baggage. So, it is at this time of the year that we usually look around at the mess and rethink how to clear our lives so we can travel lighter and carry a more organized suitcase.

However, we have to distinguish one from the other in order to take stock and decide what to toss or what to keep.

Garbage: All those things and people who only create chaos or clutter in our lives. They contribute nothing but problems and grief. Toss them. These could be a job we hate, a friend who has crossed the line, or a lover who sucks all the positive energy we have, hindering our ability to moving ahead.

Baggage: All those unfortunate things that happened to us that have deeply scared us and limited our capacity to live a full life. It’s time to recognize those red flags and get over them by seeking help, facing our fears and monsters. Thus, lifting un unbearable weight that clouds our thinking.

Luggage: The suitcases were we carry what we really need the most. Friendships, family, good jobs, our most valued possessions that actually help us lead a fruitful life. This one should be easy to picture. What is it that we can’t really do without if we were to travel alone to a distant country for a couple of weeks? When we think of your lives this way, we start noticing all the add-ons we can let go off and are really either garbage or baggage.

May you distinguish among the three and toss, keep and add as you see fit, but focusing on what only pushes you forward, not what keeps you stuck in the same place for far too long. There is an expiration date to everything. Make sure you read the label carefully.

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