The sweetest wake-up in a long time.

Having moved out of my once called home, I have been lucky to have landed in my friends’ home which came with adorable Drew, a female dog who I now have made my best friend. She is old and that suits me fine, even better, when we go for our morning and afternoon strolls, we walk slowly and at the same pace, leisurely. This morning, after a very long time, maybe years, I’ve been woken up in the sweetest way.

I have come to like dogs more than humans in the last year. They love you unconditionally and know when you are sad and come to you with no questions to comfort you. Drew has seen a few tears of mine of late and every time, she has come to me for a hug.

Today, Drew came into my room and woke me and it was the most loving thing I have experienced in a morning for a very long time. This is a good day. I’m blessed.

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