A shared character flaw or positive attribute?

Like father like son: Character flaw or positive attribute?

Inherited Character Flaw or Positive Attribute?

We both have something in common, he calls it a character flaw. In him I see it as something extraordinary. In myself, I see it as stupidity.

The flaw or attribute we share is that we believe in people, in second chances. We believe that people deep down are good and we try to find the best in them.
The problem with this, is that we’re often hurt and disappointed. You’d think we’d developed thick skin by now. We have in some ways, but we become weak when people who’ve hurt us treat us unexpectedly well.
We are no saints, but we both seem incapable of hurting people intentionally.
They say like father, like son. And I wonder if this trait I inherited is actually a character flaw or a positive attribute?

What do you think?

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