What I learnt teaching at school.

What I learnt teaching at school. Shutterstock photo.

What I learnt teaching at school. Shutterstock photo.

There are things that people may not know about schools, because often, teachers are too afraid to open up and share. There are many interesting facts I have seen, heard or experienced. Whether you are a teacher, a parent, an administrator or just an onlooker, these facts are worth knowing, even just for kicks.

  1. A grade doesn’t depend only on the teacher or the student. Especially today, since kids are pressured to get the best grades that will elevate their chances of acceptance at a prestigious college. Some parents will get involved, and pressure teachers to improve the grade even if the student doesn’t deserve it. The administration will take action if a parent isn’t happy with the results he/she expects from the teacher. Mind you, not the child’s. (Money talks.)
  2. Some parents who are board members can have a teacher sacked if they want. (Undeserving or not.)
  3. Not all teachers LOVE their jobs and are downright EVIL. They lack the most important tool, which is empathy. (Obviously having chosen the wrong job.)
  4. Often, teachers in private schools, live in fear. Their dread of the administration will often kill their passion.
  5. Private schools are a business and teachers and parents often forget that. This fact disappoints teachers more than parents.
  6. Schools promote a collaborative environment, yet the administration doesn’t count itself in or provide the time and space to do so.
  7. Administration asks teachers to “volunteer” their time, when the fact it’s compulsory for them to attend all events. (Teacher’s in fact work over 40 hours a week.)
  8. How good a teacher is doesn’t really always guarantee a position at a school.
  9. Some teachers have many “masters” and are not gifted or qualified to be in a classroom.
  10. Some teachers expend so much energy on controlling their class that their class is reduced to “detention,” “tests,” and mechanical learning.
  11. Teachers have almost no free time. There is no such thing as ‘I’m done for the day, the week, the year.” There is always something to do.
  12. Teachers’ summers are often spent learning new techniques the school wants to implement, which often boil down to the new “buzzword” and educational trend. Usually something created to make money by the education industry.
  13. Even “private school” teachers often have to spend their own money on class supplies.

These are just a few that come to mind. I haven’t invented the wheel here, but sharing is caring!

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