Stop focusing on the destination: It’s the journey.

The journey...

The journey…

I stopped fighting to get to my desired destination because no matter how hard I try to control the future, life gets in the way and my plans are but mirages. While I sit planning my life out, I miss what lies on my plate and am often stuck in the; “ Why didn’t it go as planned?

As we move along our days, how often do we find ourselves saying: “This didn’t go as planned?” I imagine that pretty often. We rely on our experience or our imagination, which is limited to the later, and there is no way of telling the outcome.

It is what it is, and I find this to be true when I plan a class. I can plan a class to perfection but when I get to the class, everything changes so I’ve become more flexible. Of course I still plan, but I also plan for the worst. If nothing goes as planned I am not surprised anymore, it’s a given now, so I relax and go with it.

If we are prepared to accept that we cannot control the outcomes and our set destination, we are more able to be more flexible and improvise during the journey. This way we learn to accommodate to change.


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