Snapshots to keep and treasure at middle age.

Snapshots to keep

Snapshots to keep and treasure.

At middle age, our past weighs heavier than our future. You don’t really know how much time you have left so the urgency of treasuring the moment is, even more, important. But being able to look back at all your experiences and happy moments is invaluable.

I’m creating my album of happy moments. Some are real pictures I’ve kept and others are just in my mind. Those pictures I can go back to at any time to relive and treasure. An evening can be spent enjoying those times, recalling those feelings and laughing often out loud at some or all snapshots of my life.

Even those not so happy moments might turn into “what was I thinking?” and smile, nodding, and glad I got over those and was able to move on.

Keep those snapshots so you can relive and enjoy once again your past, good and bad, so you have your album for when your past weighs heavier than your future.

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