How to get on people’s shit list.

We all have lists and there is one that depending on the person, you are in or out. How to get on people’s shit lists has a lot to do with tolerance and how much people care to overlook some things you do if they care for you enough. I’m guilty of many “peccadilloes,” and I am sure I deserve to be on some or many people’s shit list. Yet, some of the things I do are not done because of not caring but out of having little time and being, may I say, a little scatter minded, ups!

A sample way to get on people’s shit list:

  • Not answering the phone, ever.
  • Not even listening to phone messages.
  • Not responding to an e-mail ASAP.
  • Not following back on someone’s health.
  • Not texting back for weeks.
  • Not remembering someone’s birthday.
  • Not being able to introduce people because you forgot their name.

Yep, these things I’m guilty of, but I must confess that I have issues trying to keep things together and focusing on priorities. I get easily distracted and mean no offense. I am not a multitasker and avoid anything that might distract me. Therefore if a call comes in and I’m in the middle of something, that phone call will be lost in the jumble of things “to do” and soon forgotten.

Do you think you can make it to people’s shit list too?

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