Emotional baggage. Who doesn’t have any?

Emotional baggage has to do with unresolved emotional issues that we carry from either childhood traumas or prior painful relationships. In one way or another, these unresolved issues haunt us, weighing us down, and if left unaddressed, we carry them into our next relationship. This happens especially if we were unable to find closure. But, we all have our emotional baggage, we are even entitled to it.

Life is not easy, relationships are hard, so we can’t be expected to grow unaffected completely. So, when someone says: “She/he has too much baggage,” as an excuse to not pursue a relationship, this might just mean: “I’m just not interested” or perhaps, “I’m not willing to take this upon myself” and most definitely, “I’m simply not in love.”

Our own emotional baggage

Everyone we meet shapes our lives in some way. Some change it completely and others just a bit. There are those who help us and those who scar us, but we keep trying to learn and get better. Either we outgrow our issues or learn to live with them. Accepting lessons presented to us is hard and everyone has different levels of resilience and empathy. All long relationships suffer some form of “tolerating” each other’s “issues” after a while. What we need to do is, to be honest with ourselves and our partners and choose our battles, the ones worth fighting for, emotional baggage and all. There is no perfect soul mate, no Hollywood perfect ending as in “happily ever after.” We can head to Disney World for that! If you are looking for an unchipped piece of art: Have relationships with Harlequin novels!



One thought on “Emotional baggage. Who doesn’t have any?

  1. Anthony Marrero

    We definitely walk with our own scars. Accountability is key. Some lack and live in avoidance. Not everyone is meant to carry an elephant.

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