Hope sold here, willingness is not.

Hope sold here  by *USB*

Hope sold here, willingness is not 
by *USB*

The word therapy comes from the Latin therapīa and Greek θεραπεία, meaning healing. Thus, therapists are healers of troubled minds and souls and peddlers of hope. Hope, that you can overcome the ailment that is troubling you and disrupting your life. Yet, without the willingness to work through your problems, therapists can do little for you. Their job is to guide you toward the lighter side and a happier healthier existence, but you have to do the work for yourself.

Years ago many Americans, especially Hispanics, would have rather kept their dirty laundry at home than to seek the help of a therapist. It was uncommon to disclose why they were seeing a therapist, regarding it as shameful __ as if it were a liaison they were hiding from friends and colleagues.

Now you are lucky to find a therapist who isn’t absolutely booked. People will freely disclose if they are seeing a therapist, as casually as if they were telling you about their appointment with the hairdresser. Surprisingly, Argentina has more psychologists per capita than anywhere in the world, according to CNN Health. The taboo of being “in therapy” has changed for the better across nations.

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